Customized industrial painting plants and painting devices

Spray painting cabins with wet separation

Water curtain spray painting cabin is a painting unit with wet separation and designed for heavy industrial use. These cabins are very suitable when sprayed paint amounts are large. Cabin solutions are based on minimized amount of operational devices to achieve:

  • Smooth air current towards the cabins back wall
  • Homogeneous bottom sedimentation of the separated paint sediment
  • Stable exhaust air current, filtration rate almost 100 %
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Low noice level
  • High-efficiency separation capacity

The cabin is also available

  • With long steel basin as floor inserted or on floor level installed
  • With short steel basin on floor level installed
Spray painting cabins for wet and dry separation

Spray painting cabins
with dry separation

Full-height freely standing dry filtration painting cabin including spraying space with element construction and suction chamber for which the material is freely selectable.

We can also deliver a filter suction wall with similar construction as the painting cabin suction chamber e.g. a painting cabin without a painting stall. The filter suction wall is ideal to be used for example in painting spaces, where the paint spraying is made in front of a wall.

  • Installable directly to floor level
  • Exhaust fan installable connected to the cabin or on outer wall
  • Several filter options selectable - ask more from our sales department

Laboratory cabins

J90K-cabin is suitable for school or laboratory use. The cabin is made from painted zn-steel elements on both sides. The standard cabin with depth 900 mm and the J90KE special mode with depth 600 mm.

Extra equipment:

  • Exhaust fan
  • Illuminator
  • Electric terminal
  • Rotating hanger for the work piece
Laboratory cabins for school and laboratory use

Storage cabins
with ventilation

PSC 1-M cabins with air ventilation are suitable for paint and painting equipment storage. They can conveniently be placed into the room space near painting places.

Compensation air input from the top of the door. The main part of the exhaust is from the cabin bottom. The exhaust rate between the cabins upper and lower parts can be regulated with disc valves. The cabin can additionally be equipped with exhaust fan.

The cabin consists a self-supporting zn-steel element construction with bolt connections, surface painted from both sides and smooth walls inside. The construction is also available from stainless steel.

Paint storage cabins with ventilation