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Cost-effective and reliable painting quality

Surface treatment is one of the most important phases when manufacturing industrial products. Surface treatment protects metal products from corrosion and improves surface exterior sufficient time in products operating environment. In wood processing industry surface treatment gives for example rot protection.

In painting system there might be only one paint which is painted once or several times. In the system may also belong several paints which complement each other. The quality of the product is achieved by taking the painting system in the concideration even when designing the product, so that it suites its aimed use and operational environment. Different parameters must also be controlled during the production, that the used painting process fully meets the requirements for painting system.

Sasmetor offers individual devices and line solutions for painting and other surface treatment techniques. Consistent quality and reliability of delivery are very important means of competition to every industrial company. Sasmetor® painting lines are designed so, that the quality requirements for products will be fulfilled cost-effectively and certainly.

Sasmetor is an expert in surface treatment

Sasmetor is a Finnish manufacturer for surface treatment lines and devices. We in Sasmetor want to be in developing your products so, that your customers will get a high quality impression of them at first sight. Strong and confident Sasmetor® know-how is based on over 40 years of experience as a system supplier and manufacturer.

Surface treatment solutions for corrosion protection Painting systems for metal industry needs Painting systems for wood processing industry needs Individual devices and line solutions for more demanding painting requirements
Customized surface treatment lines and painting devices
Powder painting, wet painting and pretreatment lines for continuous and periodic use

Specific and customized
industrial painting plants and surface treatment devices

Sasmetor is specialized in designing and manufacturing versatile painting lines and devices for metal and wood processing industrial needs.

We design and manufacture powder painting, wet painting and pretreatment lines both for continuous and periodic use. We also deliver painting cabins and chambers as well as heat treatment and industrial ovens, which are all designed according to customer’s requirements.

We also supply surface treatment related products such as sliding conveyor systems and quality control instruments. All our systems, products and special solutions are designed according to customers premises and individual production needs.

Official importer in Finland for Gema powder painting devices

High quality electrostatic
Gema powder painting devices

Sasmetor has reliable co-operation partners. We are the only official importer of Gema powder painting devices in Finland. Gema Switzerland GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of electrostatic powder coating products and systems.

Gema product range includes reliable, manual powder painting devices and painting booths. Gema’s quick color change systems provide a fast and efficient color change. In Gema’s automatic systems is combined an excellent efficiency and a very high standard painting result.

Customer-oriented customized painting line solutions
Sasmetor-surface treatment solutions – own designing, own production, one supplier
High quality surface treatment technology products and services with over 35 years of experience

Production in our own hands

Guarantee of an uncompromised quality is our own engineering and production in our own premises, precise quality control and high quality raw materials. Finnish knowhow strongly comes out in control system designing, providing the customer an easy use of the system. Our partners are known worldwide such as powder painting equipment manufacturer Gema Switzerland GmbH and conveyor manufacturer Al-Con Conveyor AS.

Industry-leading knowhow

Sasmetor is a medium-size and financially sound family owned business. We have strong input into customer-oriented product development and close co-operation with our customers. Long-term customer relations and countless deliveries demonstrate satisfaction to our knowhow and show Sasmetor to be a flexible, easy to contact and entrepreneur spirited co-operation partner.

Long-term experience, innovated approach and industry-leading knowhow guide our operation also in the future to be trustworthy for our customers.

Surface treatment solutions production Surface treatment solutions production
Qualified surface treatment technology with the environment conditions

Sasmetor notices environmental issues

Authorities impose several requirements for surface treatment and used materials related to welfare at work and environmental issues. We continuously follow imposed requirements for surface treatment materials and processes as well as changing standards and directives so that we are able to concider them in our designing of lines and devices.

Sasmetor® surface treatment devices are energy efficient and they have long operational lifetime. Thanks to our devices also the water, waste disposal and waste water treatment costs will be decreased and with this we also take care of the environment from our part. Sasmetor® products have long life cycle and with them our customers get profitable yearly operational costs.

Guarantee for the high-class quality is based on our professional and responsible personnel. We take care of the welfare of our workers and we educate them according to the new standards, regulations and requirements.

Energy efficient and long lasting Sasmetor-surface treatment devices
Sasmetor-surface treatment solutions offer quality and production benefits

Sasmetor offers qualitative and production advantages

We design and manufacture such surface treatment solutions, in which your company production efficiency, trouble-free operation, time saving and overall quality are highlighted. By being a part of your company’s product development or production planning in as early state as possible, we can provide new perspectives to your products quality or even designing of them.

With test-paintings our customers get significant benefits to their production. At the test-painting phase we can eliminate possible problems, which can occur in customer’s production, painting materials can be changed to more functional or the overall process can be refined.

Sasmetor® solutions aim to easy-maintenance of the devices and time consuming production shutdowns will not be occured.